Monday, 21 September 2009

The Lottery Conspiracy

Well, it happened. The very, highly, extremely, humongously improbable happened. Who are they fooling? We all know the odds of the same combination of numbers coming on two consecutive lottery draws. Anybody, even schoolkids know they are so incredibly high that it's actually impossible for it to happen.

But it happened! And now they just want us to close our eyes and say "well, it is amazing, but it was bound to happen sometime". Yeah, right! Like we'd be around for zillions of years. We're not blind! Not even colour blind! Here's a test. What number do you see in the image below? (Hint: It's one of the numbers in the lucky combination)

It's a conspiracy. We knew the lottery was a big conspiracy, but now we have proof. PROOF!

Well, some of you may actually think a bit and say "Wait, what kind of a conspiracy is this? Why would the lottery forge the results so that 18 idiots, who probably have less than 4 classes of school, can win less than 6000 euros?" I mean, usually we're talking about big money. Millions. Many millions. Why would the lottery do this? It's just not worth it.

Well, you're not seeing it from the right perspective. But you have an excuse. They're trying to put you off the track. Lucky you have me to guide you. The really incredible thing in this whole story is the 18 'people' that actually played the same numbers. Just think about that for a minute. Nobody can be so stupid. Would you have played the same combination? Never! You see? Now that's strange.

In fact, they aren't that stupid. Quite the opposite. They are of superior intelligence. Aliens, most probably. Not the ET type. More like the Monolith or Brainspawn type. You see, something has ripped through our Universe. This shouldn't have happened. Because it can't normally happen! There was a glitch in the frigging Matrix! And they know it. Or maybe they provoked it. I don't know that much.

Of course, the police are in it, too. They act like they're 'investigating' it. But that's another throw off, too, cause they're not investigating the right thing. They should be looking for telepathic brainwaves, and modifications in the flux of positive bosons. But they're not, are they?

I don't know how or why.... But something big happened. Something very important. Something wonderful. Even Dan Brown missed the story. We have to keep our eyes open. All seven of them. I already have all my money put on 1-2-3-4-5-6 at the Faroese Lottery. If I win, I'm buying a rocket-ride to Jupiter for 2010.

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